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Alfred Workflow Updater (Swift)

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library in Swift to ease the integration of updates from within Alfred.


the API is basically four (3+1, or 2+2 if you prefer) methods:


1. check if an update is available (compares latest version on GitHub release VS the version of your local Workflow):


if let release = Updater.checkUpdate(for: "godbout/AlfredKat") {
    // release.version, release.file, release.page available


2. launch the update 


Updater.update(with: release.file)


3. notify (useful before launching at it is blocking)


Updater.notify(title: "Alfred Kat", message: "downloading your s... workflow")


4. open release page (or anything for that matter)


Updater.open(page: release.page)



more on GitHub: https://github.com/godbout/AlfredWorkflowUpdater


currently the update will be blocking your Script and the notification icon is the Script Editor one. this should get better in subsequent updates.


enjoy ☀️



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