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Big Sur and Spotlight problems

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Anyone with Big Sur having issues with their indexing always 'indexing/bouncing back and forth?'

I ask here because I've had a problem with my Mac Mini M1 always indexing.

I've gone through the phone calls with Apple, taken it to a repair place but just can't get it to stop.

The latest Senior advisor suggested (among other things) uninstalling Alfred as it relies (or at least, modifies) Spotlight.

He didn't seem to think that uninstalling Alfred would fix it but I wanted to know if anyone else here has had similar issues.

I've uninstalled Alfred and it's still indexing so....meh.

Big Sur 11.2.3

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14 hours ago, zamboknee said:

Alfred as it relies (or at least, modifies) Spotlight.


Alfred doesn't modify the Spotlight index in any way, just uses it in the same way Spotlight would do.


Have you tried doing a full reindex of your Mac, as this can usually flush through issues like this? Alfred has a shortcut to run this macOS action in Terminal.app, take a careful read of #5 here:




In particular, you may find that fully deleting the .Spotlight-V100 folder may help.




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  • Andrew changed the title to Big Sur and Spotlight problems

I only recently upgraded to Big Sur and am also having these issues with Spotlight/Alfred. I performed the recommended actions (https://www.alfredapp.com/help/troubleshooting/indexing/) but with no luck. Hopefully, the next Big Sur update will remedy this?


UPDATE: I need to retract the above comments. I forgot that I needed to wait a few hours for the re-indexing to take place. Now that everything has been re-indexed, it appears that Spotlight and Alfred are working as they should once again.

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On 4/18/2021 at 6:48 PM, zamboknee said:

Hey @Andrew
Ive done the re-indexing thing and didn't help. The shop I took it to did the Terminal shortcut and it helped for a bit but then the issue came back.
I'll try the 'spotlight V100' thing but am not optimitistic.


Deleting the Spotlight V100 can make all the difference in ensuring that any background issues in the macOS metadata index are removed, allowing for a fresh reindex to complete properly. How did you get on?


@garyinsf Thanks for the update - Glad you're all up and running :)



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