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Run JavaScript on Safari

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Is there a way to run a specific JavaScript through Alfred in the safari window you're looking at?


The script address is 

It is.

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Safari lets you run JS in a tab via AppleScript: tell application "Safari" to do JavaScript "alert('script!')" in front document


It expects proper JavaScript, though, not a javascript: URI


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You need to remove the javascript: scheme and URL-decode it:

const q=escape(location.href);location.href='https://papago.naver.net/website?locale=ko&source=auto&target=ko&url='+q;

The full AppleScript to run that JS in the active tab is therefore:

tell application "Safari" to do JavaScript "const q=escape(location.href);location.href='https://papago.naver.net/website?locale=ko&source=auto&target=ko&url='+q;" in front document


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