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Web Search - Icon Paste

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It'd be great if the icon for a web search entry would allow paste from clipboard, maybe via a right-click context menu. Currently I have to save images to disk somewhere from a photo editor where they are in memory then drag them in. Copy from clipboard would save time from photo editors or even copying images directly from the web.

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1 hour ago, Geoff Hudik said:

Right-click context menu there wouldn't hurt either or help text beside the icon or tooltip indicating


The image well could definitely be clearer, but it is a standard macOS widget and works that way everywhere.


FWIW, you can drop quite a lot of things into it. You can drag and drop an image straight from your browser (no need to copy and paste), and if you drop a non-image file onto the well, it will use that file's icon, so you can drop the Safari application onto it to use Safari's icon.

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