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stupid simple calculation workflow isn't simple

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Hi @Cliff, you need to return a JSON or XML object.

if you can use zsh (with input as argv) this below works



myVar=$(( $1 *0.029 +0.3))
myVar_f=$(printf "%.2g" $myVar)

cat << EOB
{"items": [

		"title": "your fee is $myVar_f",
		"subtitle": "your input was $1",
		"arg": $myVar_f





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@giovanni tyvm but is there any way to stick with PHP so I can be comfortable editing further and to learn for other snippets?

  1. In PHP, I tried both `return` and `echo` of JSON and it didn't work like your script did
  2. I want the result to pass through to the clipboard action so I can auto-paste

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5 hours ago, Cliff said:

And the start of my workflow is here: https://share.getcloudapp.com/llu5eeEE


You misunderstand how Alfred works. There is only one argument to your script, $argv[1], which contains everything the user entered. You’re using $argv[2] etc., which don’t exist.

You also can’t just echo a result from a Script Filter. You must output JSON in the format expected by Alfred.


Try this code instead:


$gross = $argv[1];  // user input
$pct = 0.029;
$flat = 0.3;

$sum = $gross * $pct + $flat;

// Alfred feedback JSON
$item = array('title' => "$sum", 'arg' => "$sum");
$json = json_encode(array('items' => array($item)));

echo $json;  // send JSON to Alfred


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17 hours ago, Cliff said:

However, when I change it from "with input as argv" to "with input as {query}" (and changed your code to either $gross = {query}; or $gross = "{query}"; then it wouldn't work.


Then you've done something wrong. And you should almost always use "with input as argv", anyway. It works much better.


17 hours ago, Cliff said:

For example, what else is available within the $argv array?


Nothing else. ARGV is where command-line arguments are stored. That's just how UNIX programs work.


It's not mentioned in Alfred's documentation because it's a topic for your programming language's docs.

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