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pinboard – learning based on usage?

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Happy Friday!

Do any of the Pinboard workflows out there support Alfred's learning based on usage? 

@vitor I tried to add a UID to yours – my current favorite :) –  it didn't work (but I know nothing about ruby)






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There’s no reason why I hadn’t done it before, so I have no problem adding it in. You could’ve requested it in the Workflow’s thread.


4 hours ago, giovanni said:

I tried to add a UID to yours (…) it didn't work


The change I did was more complex than what you would’ve have to do: adding uid: bookmark['href'], on top of line 176 (title: bookmark['description'],) would have sufficed.


If you’re interested in knowing what you were doing wrong, tell me what your change was.

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thank you!! 🙌

that's what I thought I did, probably I was expecting Alfred to learn sooner? 

thanks again for this and your other great workflows, and for educating the community.


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