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11 hours ago, GusBerco said:

Is it not possible with the simple Web search feature of Alfred?


No, unfortunately it's not. If there's no actual search page, you can't make a link to it.


OTOH, you can often use the same API as the embedded JavaScript search widget and show the results directly in Alfred if you are willing to write a workflow.


Here's a workflow that shows material-ui.com search results in Alfred.

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That's very unfortunate tbh. I wanted to implement Alfred on one of the platforms and really hoped that it's possible.  I'm working with the documentation websites pretty often and wanted to use Alfred for the docs search as well. I hope that it's gonna be available in the future, but the developers don't really seem to be active on that question. I've tried to use other software for online documentation and all that kind of stuff, and one guy from Reddit shared a link to https://clickhelp.com/online-software-documentation-tool/ and described how to work with it. Oh, he wrote a pretty big guide for me, and I'm thankful for that because I couldn't figure out how to start it correctly.

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6 hours ago, arthyols said:

I hope that it's gonna be available in the future.

This being possible has nothing to do with Alfred and everything to do with the website you’re targeting.


If you tell us what it is we may be able to help you, but otherwise you’d have to ask the website owners.

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