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Passing variable to app

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Dear, all, As recent Alfred convert, I am enthusiastically exploring the options. One thing I cannot find out is how to run a WORKFLOW for the following use case: I am using Foxtrot Personal Search intensively to work with ~1M documents. To start a search I use Alfred. However, currently, I only trigger an existing AppleScript I created through an Alfred hotkey to open a search in FoxTrot. As a result, when I press the hotkey, AppleScript opens a non-Alfred window to provide the search field, which is then passed to the app. The AppleScript is as follows:

on alfred_script(q)
set FS to display dialog "Search for?" default answer ""

set query to text returned of FS tell application "FoxTrot Personal Search"     

search {query}

end tell
end alfred_script


It would be great if I could use the default Alfred input window for this, but I don’t seem to be able to pass my search input to the app other than by using the AppleScript. 


Can anyone please help me with a sample workflow? Thank you!

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I can't test it with FoxTrot, but if you use a Run script (recommended over Run NSAppleScript) object, this below should achieve what you want. 

on run argv
	tell application "FoxTrot Personal Search" to search for (first item of argv)
end run


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Posted (edited)

Hi Giovanni,

Thank you and I tried it immediately. It opens the app but with a blank search field, no search results on the keyword :-(.

I think the missing link is to capture and pass the input to the script/FoxTrot.


Here’s the workflow I have - can you see / tell me what I do wrong?











Thank you!

Screenshot 2021-05-16 at 12.04.05.png

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