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This makes no difference to functionality, but you might appreciate the insight. You have your last Run Script set to with input as {query} instead of with input as argv. You’ll find @deanishe often saying (and I agree) you shouldn’t really use the former but the latter. In this case it makes no difference because you’re not using an argument—you’re using variables—but there’s no reason to change the default (with input as argv) either. Also, you should probably be quoting ${slug}; in bash it’s always a safer bet to quote. Unless you want it to specifically break on spaces and make it multiple arguments.

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8 hours ago, vitor said:

That has auto-updating built-in.


It does, but it's much more restrictive (gotta use GitHub releases, semantic versioning) and is more effort to integrate.


@giovanni You need to remove the .pyc files and __pycache__ from the repo/workflow and add *.pyc and __pycache__ to your .gitignore. Those files shouldn’t be in the repo, and especially not the released workflow.


They’re bytecode files that Python generates automatically, so you don’t need them in there, and they’re Python version-specific, so you don’t want them in there, or your workflow will refuse to run on a different version of Python.

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