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Alfred Google Inline Results

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Hi Everyone,


I came across this great workflow while browsing the internet and thought I would share it. It provides inline search results from google. With a few small modifications, it also provides inline results from other websites such as YouTube (You need to replace "{query}" with "youtube {query}").



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A word to the wise: you can easily modify this workflow to work with DuckDuckGo.


1. Install ddgr via Homebrew (from the same developer as googlr)


2. Download the Alfred Googler workflow mentioned above


3. Open the workflow in Finder, and in the "google_instant.rb" file, change

results = Lightly.new(life: '4h').get query do
  JSON.parse `/usr/local/bin/googler --json -n 9 #{query}`



results = Lightly.new(life: '4h').get query do
  JSON.parse `/usr/local/bin/ddgr --json -n 9 #{query}`


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