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Problem using file buffer in Finder

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Briefly, I'm unable to use the file buffer functions in Finder.


I am using Alfred 4.3.4 on my 16" (Intel) MacBook Pro running macOS 11.3.1. I have enabled the temporary file buffer and have checked "Use ⇧⌥ as modifier key". In case it's relevant I'll mention that I've set the selection key for file actions in macOS to ⌃⌘\. I have checked Alfred's permissions and all are enabled in system preferences. (I have also tried disabling and re-enabling Finder automation and full disk access for Alfred.)


Although I'm able to display the file actions panel in both Alfred and Finder the buffer commands in Finder do nothing at all and I'm rather at a loss as to what to try next.



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8 minutes ago, Stephen_C said:

the buffer commands in Finder do nothing at all


The buffer commands don't work in Finder, only in Alfred. Like it says in the settings:



The buffer is controlled using the ⌥ key in combination with the selected file in Alfred's results


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@Stephen_C With a simple workflow using a Hotkey Trigger wired into the File Buffer Action, you can integrate Alfred's File Buffer into macOS / Finder.


Configure the hotkey to the combo you'd like to use, and select the "Add passed-in files to File Buffer" option in the File Buffer Action.




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Thank you to both of you. I've spent a lot of time the past few days trying to improve my knowledge and use of Alfred (which I've used for years) so apologise for missing the fact the buffer (without a little work) does not work directly in Finder.



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27 minutes ago, Andrew said:

@Stephen_C let me know if you need help setting up a workflow for this :)

<Blush> I do hate not being able to work out things for myself but I have to confess the offer is rather appreciated (but not urgent - so merely when you have a moment!). I have no problem setting the hot key and getting Finder selected files into the buffer but have not yet discovered how I can use the Action in Alfred utility to automatically then display the Alfred action pane.


I think I may be in a little out of my depth, sorry!



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Posted (edited)
33 minutes ago, deanishe said:


An "Add to Buffer" File Action might be a good idea.

Yes, indeed - I was able to make that work before embarking on the current difficulties. That may, in the end, be the neatest solution.


Edit: This is all my fault. I use the Default Finder X Finder drawer and was merely seeing if I could effectively replace it with something in Alfred!



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2 minutes ago, Andrew said:


This is going to be added in Alfred 4.5, with some other pretty exciting stuff to do with Actions ;) 

I think I might just be happy to await Alfred 4.5. 😀



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