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I often need to calculate a person’s age based on their date of birth for medical documentation. Ideally, the output would appear as “8-year, 3-month-old” as I have a pediatrics practice. Is there a workflow in Alfred for this? If not, can TextExpander or another app perform this quickly?





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Sorry for the lack of clarity. I'd still like to enter the full date of birth (as "2003-Dec-16") but generate to the clipboard only the year and month (as "10y 1m"). 


Thanks again for your kind help!



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8 minutes ago, middlebrun said:

I'd still like to enter the full date of birth (as "2003-Dec-16")


Enter or paste? That's a lot to type, and pasting is a waste of time when you could just select the date in another app and hit a hotkey.

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delete these lines below from the python script, or use this version

if Days > 0:  
        finalString = finalString + str(Days) + 'd '

yes, as @deanishe says if you are able to select the date you might want to apply the script to the clipboard content and launch it with a hotkey


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