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Return with item acted on

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Reluctantly switching Quicksilver user. It's hard to break with over a decade of habits, but things are getting sketchy on mac os 11. Sorry if this is explained elsewhere, but my QS-tainted searches couldn't find it.


After performing an action on something, eg moving or renaming a file, the standard behavior of Quicksilver is to return with the modified item selected. Is there any way to get Alfred to behave similarly?

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Normally, you'd just use Alfred's selection hotkey (Alfred Preferences > Features > Actions) to pop up Alfred for the selected file once the move completes.


When Alfred disappears, it will never reappear without being told to (though workflows can make it do so).


You can implement precisely the behaviour you want with a workflow, if you like. It's a few lines of AppleScript to tell Finder to move the file and then Alfred to action the new location.

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