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Not able to assign hotkey Cmd+Ctrl+Alt+L

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Hi community,


I just found out that I'm not able to assign Cmd+Ctrl+Alt+L as hotkey in Workflows. I'm curious whether this is a bug or something else.


I found a similar problem here: 



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@Jayden Have you tried alternative hotkey combinations? If so, it's likely that Cmd + Ctrl + Alt + L is already taken up, either by another Alfred workflow you've created, or by another app/tool you're using.


If you type ?hotkeys into Alfred, you'll see a full list of your hotkeys in Alfred. 


If it's not listed there, then it'll be in use by another app/tool somewhere on your Mac. :)



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@Vero I have hotkeys using Cmd + Ctrl + Alt + B/C/G/N/S/W/1/2/3/4 and they work fine. I have found that Cmd + Ctrl + Alt + A/L doesn't work. I'm not 100% sure if other app is using these keys but when I press them nothing happens. Can you confirm that you/others can assign these keys?



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Posted (edited)

While I have not had reason to use it, others have recommended the free program shortcut detective to help ascertain whether there is a conflict between shortcuts. It may be able to tell you if some other program is using that shortcut.




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