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File filter workflow not filtering correctly

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Hey y'all,

I made a workflow that has a file filter component that searches my GIF collection folder (which is located in my Dropbox), but lately I've noticed that the filter doesn't work; when I start typing in a query Alfred just starts doing a fallback search.


I believe I've got all of Alfred's permissions in order; are there any particular troubleshooting steps that I should try?


I have two Macs, one running Big Sur, and the other running Catalina. The Big Sur Mac is the one having issues with this file filter, but I don't think it's specific to Big Sur itself; I remember it working for awhile after I installed Big Sur.


Workflow link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yvyp9qbnkhx1miz/gif workflow.alfredworkflow?dl=0

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@aharpole It's tricky to know what's happening on your Mac, because File Filters work normally when I set a search scope of a Dropbox folder on my own Mac.


If you cut your workflow down to barebones, remove any scripts and just look at your basic file filter; If you change the search scope, is everything as expected? Is your Dropbox folder in exactly the same location on both Macs, or have you set it to a different location or named it something different?


It's likely an inconsistency between your two Macs, which means Alfred doesn't find anything in your set scope on the second Mac. Do you have Dropbox's "files in the cloud" feature enabled on the Big Sur Mac, perhaps?


Have you used the File Troubleshooter to make sure those files on your Big Sur Mac are correctly indexed?

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@Vero Yeah, it was indexing. 🙈


Over the course of this year I've been doing a number of backups and restores using Carbon Copy Cloner, and due to some settings quirks, after I restore the backup, my internal hard drive is in the exclusion list for indexing.


Thanks for the assistance!

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