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Hope to have a more complete search content filtering mechanism !

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I hope that it can support the manual screening of some search directories and format suffixes, and can also block a specific file.


During my use, I have some specific folders that store a large amount of work data set information or other information. The names of the files in this folder are messy and have no practical meaning. But because of the meaninglessness of these names, they contains a large part of English characters, which makes it very easy to be retrieved and affects my normal search results.




For this folder and all the files under it, I don't want it to be used to participate in the search.

Of course, at the same time, I also hope that some more suffix formats can be blocked. Currently alfred only supports filtering images, music, etc. I hope to add filtering support for more formats such as video and compressed packages.



In addition, I hope to also support blocking a certain file. For example, when searching for an application, the application name of some safari plug-ins I installed is the same as the name of the application itself, so that the default first sort result of the search results is that of safari Plug-in, this is not what I want, I almost never open it. Hope we can block this special application file as a result.







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57 minutes ago, shaonianruntu said:

For this folder and all the files under it, I don't want it to be used to participate in the search.


You have two options: Don't include the directory in Alfred's Search Scope to begin with, or blacklist it globally using Spotlight's Privacy pane in System Preferences.


You can exclude individual files and folders (such as your applications) by adding the Spotlight comment alfred:ignore, but that has no effect on the contents of ignored folders.


Fundamentally, macOS's search API – and therefore Alfred – has limited support for blacklisting. There is no way to exclude certain subpaths from a search unless you add them to the global indexing blacklist.

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