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Another Nest thermostat workflow

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Hmmm...When you action the log command, Console.app should popup with its main window and with a secondary window for the workflow's debug log. If that's not working, navigate to /Users/<username>/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-2/Workflow Data/jc-nest and open the file debug.log.

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First of all thanks for the workflow!  I applied the update this afternoon in anticipation of being able to see multiple thermostats.  Initially pulled the update with Allyoop, but the nest keyword thinks for a second then goes to the default (google,amazon,wikipedia) search.  As someone else did, I deleted the workflow, deleted the keychain entry, cache etc.  Went as far as closing Alfred and eventually tried a reboot.  No log entry is getting created in the Alfred workflow folder you mentioned above.  I have tried everything I can think of, but none of the commands are getting triggered (they do show up in the list).  Other workflows seem to be fine.  I have pulled it from the dropbox link and the github page with the same result.


Looking for anything I may have missed.



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Python 2.7.2


The log command is the only one that doesn't go to the default web search, but there isn't even a directory for jc-nest under the workflows directory (there used to be, but it had log entries from the previous version).  I removed that directory after deleting the workflow, right after I cleared out the password entry out of the keychain.


Let me know if you can think of anything else for me to try.  Thanks.

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Hmmm...if you're OK with a bit of command lining, let's try this:


1. First, open a terminal and cd to the workflow directory.

One way to find the workflow directory is by opening Alfred's preferences, selecting the Workflows tab, clicking on the Nest workflow, then double-clicking on any of the commands (like "nest temp"). Near the bottom right of the info pane that pops up will be a button "Open workflow folder". This is the where you need to get to in a terminal. Unless you've changed it, the default workflow directory is /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows, and the Nest workflow will be one of the randomly named user.workflow.XXXX directories in there.

2. In the Nest workflow directory, run "python alfred_nest.py tell nest".

If everything goes well, the command should print out an XML document to the terminal that looks like:

<?xml version="1.0"?><items><item uid="a6e78ab3-a380-4ab0-9597-0105e989aa9f" valid="yes" arg="01AAxxxxxxxxxxx"><title>Nest (active)</title><subtitle>ID: 01AAxxxxxxxxxxxx    Location: Home</subtitle><icon>icon.png</icon></item></items>%

If things don't so well, you'll see an error XML doc or a Python exception trace:

<?xml version="1.0"?><items><item uid="c56b217a-47ad-401d-b1f1-fa7481d2c1e8" valid="no"><title>Error: some error message</title><icon>icon.png</icon></item></items>%

or something starting with

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "alfred_nest.py", line 341, in <module>...
Copy and paste the output from the command here in the thread and we'll see where we can go from there.
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***Note: I scrubbed my username from the output.  I can confirm that the /Workflow Data/jc-nest/ directory doesn't get created when installing the workflow.


Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "alfred_nest.py", line 341, in <module>

    getattr(NestWorkflow(), argv[1])(*argv[2:])

  File "alfred_nest.py", line 27, in __init__

    super(NestWorkflow, self).__init__(*args, **kw)

  File "/Users/<usernamescrubbed>/Dropbox/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.B8084A16-990B-4FAF-AF0E-92BBAE2706AC/jcalfred/alfred.py", line 164, in __init__

    self.log_level = self._info.config.get('loglevel', 'INFO')

  File "/Users/<usernamescrubbed>/Dropbox/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.B8084A16-990B-4FAF-AF0E-92BBAE2706AC/jcalfred/alfred.py", line 181, in log_level

    self.config['loglevel'] = level

  File "/Users/<usernamescrubbed>/Dropbox/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.B8084A16-990B-4FAF-AF0E-92BBAE2706AC/jcalfred/alfred.py", line 102, in __setitem__


  File "/Users/<usernamescrubbed>/Dropbox/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.B8084A16-990B-4FAF-AF0E-92BBAE2706AC/jcalfred/alfred.py", line 108, in _save

    with open(self._path, 'wt') as cfile:

IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/Users/<usernamescrubbed>/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Workflow Data/jc-nest/config.json'
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I just published an update to the workflow; it should be working again.


The problem was just that Nest stopped returning a browser cookie on successful login, and the workflow was checking for the existence of browser cookies to tell if it had a valid session with Nest. That bit of code hadn't actually been necessary for a while, but it didn't cause problems until Nest stopped sending cookies.

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