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Reminders Workflow

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I tried a bunch of Reminders workflows that are available and none of them were quite what I wanted (or were just broken completely). My one does the following:


- View all upcoming reminders
- View upcoming reminders from a specific list
- Mark reminders complete
- Set a default list for creating reminders (or create for a specific list)
- Create new reminders with natural language (e.g. "Lunch with John tomorrow 1pm")

It is quite a large download because I'm bundling the CLI I'm using so I apologise for that. Any issues you hit let me know, only I've used it so far.


Blog post with more info:https://rknight.me/reminders-alfred-workflow/


Download: https://github.com/rknightuk/alfred-workflows/tree/main/workflows/reminders

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Very well done, thank you! This is the only reminder workflow that actually works from the lot I have tried.

I had a bit of issues having Apple display the option to allow under security, but eventually it went thru.

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