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Whodat - A workflow that checks incoming calls

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Hi everyone, 


I want to create a workflow that copies the current incoming call and then checks it against several different websites here in Sweden.

I've been reading for a whole day now on how to copy notification information and try to set a value on it. However I'm dumb and can not seem to figure it out. 

I'm fairly new to scripting and trying to understand workflows, but I already see that Alfred has so much potential, especially when using powerpack and scripts. 


I would be so happy if i got help from someone that understands applescript a bit better so it actually copies the right information (the number of the unknown incoming call that's in the notification centre). 

And how i can take that value and use against search services trough workflow (i have already set up a flow where i can manually enter the number but would to improve it). 


I have started to test if i actually copy the right information from the notification centre by using automator, but i don't really know how to test it and check the value:

tell application "System Events"

       set Nummer to get value of static text of scroll area 1 of window 1 of process "NotificationCenter"

end tell


Thereafter I'm curious about how i can the take the variable information and use it as input information for a search (on a pre-set website)

What would you guys think is the best idea? 


If anyone would be interested in helping me with this so i can tro to release it here during my vacation, i would be truly grateful :)  


// PRS 

Screenshot 2021-07-22 at 13.02.58.png

Screenshot 2021-07-22 at 13.03.13.png

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