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"Show Alfred"/"Selection in macOS" not reliable behavior.


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When in Alfred's search bar, every time I want to preview a document and I use the keyboard shortcut Cmd+ the key "Y", I have to fire it at last two times to make it work as the first time something looks being fired but closes so fast that I do not have the time to see the document I want to preview. 


How often does it happen? Every day.


Mac OS X 10.12.6 (16G2136)

Alfred 4.5 1249


After a first successful display, the problem disappears for the rest of the day (= a period of at least a few hours). 

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  • politicus changed the title to Preview (Cmd+Y) working only after a second try.

One of my favorite Alfred workflow lets me show the current macOS selection in Alfred's search bar. 


It is composed of one Hotkey action that I sat as follows:




The problem I encounter every day is, many times, I need to fire it two times in order to work.


When it is not working:

I fire the keyboard shortcut, Alfred search bar opens but is empty.


If I fire the keyboard shortcut again, Alfred search bar opens with the macOS selection.


Mac OS X 10.12.6 (16G2136)

Alfred 4.5 1249


No big deal, but when it happens 10 times a day every day, it can become irritating.

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@politicus I've merged both of your bug reports, as the symptoms you're describing are the same in both instances, and the issues are likely related.


As this is an isolated report, I would recommend troubleshooting by first disabling / quitting any third-party apps (including those easy-to-forget ones that may be running in the background) that could in any way be modifying your hotkeys / keyboard behaviour / remapping, etc.


It's likely that one of these is either intercepting hotkeys or interfering in another way causing the behaviour you're seeing.



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