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Searching files inside google drive app.

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Few days back i started using google drive app for desktop replacing the old backup & sync. 


Backup and sync used to store the required folders locally and i was able to search and find  them through albert. 


Now that the new app lets us stream the all the files in the drive without keeping a local copy i prefer to keep local copy for very urgent files only.


The problem is i cant search inside the google drive files now .. even the locally synced files & folders. 


Tried adding the folder path in 'search scope' still no hope. 


I hope someone can help me. Thanks



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@Appu Mohan Please take a look at the thread below for the current state of Google Drive. Google have stated that it's not currently indexable by macOS, so we encourage anyone who can to make their voice heard with the Google support teams, so that this is prioritised in the upcoming updates.



This thread is now locked since, as @deanishe said, this is already discussed elsewhere, and it's best to focus it on a single thread.



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