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New to Alfred (and Mac) - Want to move files to folder based on text input

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Hi everyone...as title states.


I purchased the PowerPack and have watched a few tuts, but Alfred intimidates me bc Im just not a coder.


What I'm looking for based on my workflow:

  • I download something into my Downloads folder

  • I open up Finder

  • I choose the files (usually multiple files) I want to move

  • Type in something like "moveto videos" into Alfred

  • File gets moved to the new folder that I designate


There are like 3-4 main folders that I use alot and need to create this for bc its taking me too much time to do it manually.


I know there is Alfred's built-in Copy To/Move to, but I need to do it the way above. I've also looked at and installed the workflow from this thread, but that has an extra step that I don't want.


Anyways, would love to get this working and I am happy to pay someone if needed.

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updated my workflow
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Connect a File Action Trigger to a Run Script Action with the following in the Script box: mv "${@}" 'YOUR_ASSETS_PATH_HERE'.

Replace YOUR_ASSETS_PATH_HERE with the path to the destination directory. You can get it by selecting the directory in the Finder and pressing the Universal Actions shortcut (the same you use to get to Copy To…) followed by Copy Path to Clipboard.

Repeat that for as many assets directory you’d like to make specific shortcuts for.

If you want to copy instead of moving, change mv to cp -r.

The above won’t work exactly as you’ve asked. It will use the Universal Actions shortcut instead of you typing “move to assets” in Alfred, but this approach also works when navigating inside Alfred and is easier to implement.

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