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Alfred 4.5 [1252] - not ignoring ~/Library as expected in Default results

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I'm having a problem on ONE of my Macs (M1 Mini) where results are showing up that I don't want (from ~/Library subfolders, see example screenshot).


  • I've tried rebuilding Alfred's metadata cache but it didn't resolve this.
  • Strangely, on my Intel Macbook Air this problem doesn't manifest.
  • Both systems are running the same version of MacOS (11.5.1) and Alfred (4.5.1252) and are sharing synced preferences.





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@luckman212 I'm unable to reproduce this, so it may be a simple one off underlying macOS Metadata quirk on your Mac. Drag the SetappUpdater app into the macOS Spotlight Privacy prefs, then type reload into Alfred and it should disappear from the results.

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