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Agenda - Reminders and Calendar Events workflow

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Just a note as I couldn't get this to work and ended up here...


I had to go into settings by typing the ag command and choosing settings, then set my default calendar and default reminder list. It doesn't seem to be able to fetch a list of these, you have to type them in full and as they are in your calendar and reminder app.


This may well be documented, but I didn't find it and ended up here so thought I'd share for others in future who end up with the same user error ;).

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Hi @rknightuk,


I'm running Sonoma and am unable to get this workflow to work. I can click 'allow anyway' on the unverified developer warning, but there appear no requests for the app to access either reminders or calendar, and, if I navigate in system settings to Privacy and Security > Reminders / Calendar, Agenda is listed in neither place.


If I enable debugging and attempt to see my upcoming reminders I get the following error:  



ERROR: Agenda - Reminders and Calendar Events[Script Filter] Code 1: ./scripts/events/lists.js: execution error: Error: Error: You need to grant reminders access (1)


If I try to add a reminder, the following message appears (but there is no 'Post Notification'):



Agenda - Reminders and Calendar Events[Run Script] Passing output 'You need to grant reminders access
' to Post Notification



Any fix? Or is this a Sonoma issue?



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