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Set Corner Rounding Separately for Each Corner

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With macOS Big Sur, Apple went crazy rounding window corners.  Alfred 4.5 [1253] allows us to round corners, too, which is great, but the results are weird when trying to minimize the size of the borders while showing the hat.


Alfred Modern has a separate search field inside a slightly larger window,




whereas Frosty Teal drops the extra padding, but has square corners,




I'd like something that has rounded corners for the outside of the window, but, as all the corners round together, the best I can do is 



Ideally, I think that the upper-left corner of the search field (rounded to 11 px) would match the rounded corner of the window (11 px), but the other corners would be square.  Removing the hat allows the search field's upper right corner to blend with the window's upper-right corner, but (1) I like the hat, and (2) that doesn't help with the bottom corners.


With CSS, you could address each corner separately, but from the contents of the .alfredappearance files it looks like Alfred is either using Apple's code or custom code to do the window layout.






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