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Can't set Default Mail app to Spark

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I have set Spark email client as my default mail client - so mailto: links on websites etc open in Spark.


But when I use Universal Actions - then email to - Alfred insists on opening Apple Mail.


Any ideas?


Spark is set as default email client

.eml files are set to open globally using Spark




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22 minutes ago, mlevison said:

why not Alfred?

There's no such thing as a default application for sending emails with attachments. There is no standard for that.


It's an Alfred feature that you configure in Alfred. It doesn't matter what you've configured in Mail.app because this is a completely separate thing.

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@mlevison I've had a look around, but couldn't find all that much about Kiwi for Gmail, so you'll need to ask them whether they offer AppleScript support. Using attachments in a third-party email client depends entirely on their support.


You can see the list of supported apps in Alfred's Features > Contacts > Email, in the bottom subtext. If Kiwi support AppleScript, they should be able to provide a script for email attachments, which can then be used with Alfred :)



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