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Workflows with scripts do not run

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It seems that I can not run workflows that use scripts.   I don't get an error message I just don't get a result from the script. 


For example I found a workflow for speedtest,  I get a notification that its performing the test and then nothing else,  the script simply doesn't run. 


Another example is I have a script that should clear all notifications, no error message just the script does not run.  I imagine there is some kind of security feature blocking Alfred from running scripts but I'm unable to locate such a setting anywhere within the OS, so maybe its something else.   Can anybody shed some light? 

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Hi @Pbook, welcome to the forum.


13 hours ago, Pbook said:

Can anybody shed some light?


I'm afraid you'll need to provide more information than "it doesn't run".


What does Alfred's debugger say when you try to run a workflow and it fails? Which version of Alfred are you using? On which version of macOS? (Real version numbers, please, not just "the latest version").

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