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Google Drive just migrated to their new app, Alfred won’t find my files anymore

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I migrated the Google Backup & Sync app to their new Google Drive for Desktop app. Now part of my google drive looks cached somewhere buried in ~/Library (I chose to "stream" part of my Google Drive as I have 1.5TB of data in there, can’t sync that to my MBP) and the app thus created what looks like a NFS mount point in /Volumes/Google Drive. Problem is, adding that path to the search scope in Alfred hasn’t helped: all my drive files now aren’t found anymore through Alfred’s search feature.


Anything special about mount points which would prevent searching in that location? I’ve reloaded Alfred’s cache; nothing.



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There are already several threads discussing GDFS and all the problems it causes. Please post in one of those instead of polluting the forum with duplicate threads.



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