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Shellscript `screencapture` command doesn't capture screen, just background

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I have a workflow:


Hotkey Trigger: cmd+shift+1    --->   Run script: /bin/bash


The script content is:


/usr/sbin/screencapture -i -t jpeg $HOME/.local/tmp/screencapture.out &&\
/usr/bin/osascript -e 'set the clipboard to (read (POSIX file "/Users/johndoe/.local/tmp/screencapture.out") as TIFF picture)'


So here's the problem: I trigger the workflow, by pressing `cmd+shift+1`, then I see the `screencapture` thing that allows you to select an area, so then I select my desired area, then a screenshot of that area is taken, then this is what I get:




The desktop background, nothing else. For some reason it doesn't capture the actual top level windows/applications, just the background. Does anyone know why ? and how to fix it ?


Many thanks.

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Posted (edited)

Check the granted permissions you gave the Alfred application. You must have the "Screen recording" permission granted for anything related to screen-capturing to work.


➤ Preferences

  ➤ Security & Privacy

    ➤ Privacy

      ➤ Screen Recording





*it worked after this*

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