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How to invoke Automator Quick Action with Alfred File Action?

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I built some Quick Actions in Automator (e.g. with pdf actions like "Combine PDF Pages").


I wonder if and how it is possible to reuse them in Alfred and invoke them in Alfred File Actions. I would prefer to invoke them from Alfred's user interfaces instead to have to memorize crazy keyboard shortcuts or to have to ⌃click the file selection in Finder.


I am running BigSur.

- Hans-Peter

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20 hours ago, deanishe said:

You can run Automator workflows with the /usr/bin/automator command-line program:

/usr/bin/automator -i /path/to/input/file /path/to/workflow.workflow


That's it! Thank you!

In order to feed multiple files into a workflow, automator requests to get the list of file pathes to be piped from stdin separated by newlines (see man). So I added printf in front of automator.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-04 um 13.30.54.png

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