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Launch Markup from Alfred

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Hey guys, hoping someone might know some wizardry to get this working. I'm trying to build an Alfred Universal Action to open an image into MacOS's built-in Markup tool. This proves to be kind of tricky as the markup tool isn't a normal app. 


I really thought I'd gotten there by assigning a system shortcut to "Markup" inside System Preferences / Keyboard / Shortcuts / App Shortcuts. But sadly this only works if the right click menu is open when the shortcut key is pressed.


Does anyone have any ideas about how this might be achieved?

Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 3.46.00 pm.png

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11 hours ago, dfay said:

it produces a "trace trap" error in zsh.


I ran into the same dead-end.


You can run your own Quick Actions created with Automator using /usr/bin/automator, but I couldn’t figure out how to run built-in ones. Apple doesn't appear to have added an API for that.

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