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Universal Actions Contextual Menu

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I just got into Universal Actions.


For me as a PopClip user the key advantage is Alfred's not caring HOW the selection got made.


There is one thing I like about PopClip and that is the rather compact context menu it has. Alfred doesn't have such a thing.


What I'd love to see is a context menu with a "More" button at the end of it. This context menu has a few (selected by the user) actions to invoke.



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OK. Here is an example. I had to grab it using a phone - as the effect I wanted to show disappears on taking a screen shot.

So the idea of PopClip is you select text and up pops this nice little menu. I haven't customised it much on this machine but you can see the Yoink add on to the right.

What I'd love to see is something similar with Alfred - for select frequently-used actions. We'd need one marked "More" or similar, of course, to bring up the current dialog.


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Can’t say I agree that would make sense for Alfred. It’s a whole different paradigm and PopClip’s whole point. By design Alfred runs when it’s called and is otherwise invisible; adding a whole new automatic context seems neither simple nor consistent. You request would (literally) entail rewriting PopClip itself into Alfred.


It would make more sense to have PopClip invoke Alfred Workflows, which you probably can do via AppleScript.

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