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Searching for contact stopped working

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@Tom6 Could you please reset Alfred's permissions for contacts?


To do this:

  • Quit Alfred
  • launch your macOS Security & Privacy Prefs > Privacy > Contacts, remove Alfred 4 by using the minus button 
  • Relaunch Alfred and grant Contacts permissions again
  • Go to Alfred's Features > Contacts > Advanced preferences and ensure "Use Spotlight metadata for searching contacts" is not checked

Try searching for contacts once again and let me know how you get on. :)




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Hi!  Long time user of Alfred, first time on board.

My issues started with Contacts - same problem as described above - but now I've made a complete dumpster fire of everything:


 - no 'minus button' in macOS Security & Privacy Prefs > Privacy > Contacts.  Click box, no minus sign.

- uninstall Alfred, reinstall, contact permission already granted

- spotlight data box already checked.


With reinstall started the setup wizard:


Got that alert.

I'm officially clueless (no surprise to the discerning observer)

Computer life without Alfred not worth living.

Any guidance gratefully accepted.

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yes, well.  Had a stale Powerpack License from 2016.

Purchased the forever Powerpack.  Would actually be grateful if you did a subscription model....I know people go nuts on that, but I'd rather have you sustainable as a business.


Everything now works except I used to be able to hit 'right arrow' button when contact was found to see whole contact card.

Heard about that on an 'automators' podcast, so will go back and find it.




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