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Universal Action Workflows doesn't work

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A couple of days ago, I defined a simple Workflow (Universal Action) to convert text to Title Case.
I remember that I used the Workflow as follows:
1. I selected a text
2. Launch the Workflow list using ALT+} 
3. Select the defined Workflow (MyUpperCase Workflow)
4. Use the transformed text from the Clipboard  
Today I wanted to use it, but when I type ALT+} nothing happens!
I recently actualized to BigSur 11.6

Any ideas?

Best regards


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@Patricio @dfay Could either of you please share your workflow so that I can take a look? I've created what I believe is an identical one to Patricio's, and ran it with logging open, and it works as expected.

  • Does the issue where the action doesn't complete happen every time, frequently or just on a rare occasion?
  • Does it happen in all apps or only a specific one?
  • Is the output content copied to your Alfred Clipboard History but just not pasted to the frontmost app?
  • If you can replicate it, can you please open the workflow's logging (click the bug in the top right of the workflow canvas) and run the action? Let me know if you see any error message.

The more details you can provide, the more likely we can work out why you might be seeing this behaviour. :)



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Dear Vero,

- The problem is that the shortcut ALT + } doesn't open the Workflows list. That means I can't select the Workflow I want to execute.

- It happens with all applications.

- The content is not copied to the Alfred Clipboard, because the Workflow didn't started.

- I don't get any errors in the workflow logging, because the Workflow didn't started.


Best regards


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@Patricio Could you please also reset the Accessibility permissions? My guess is that in updating Big Sur, macOS has lost resolution of the permissions you've granted Alfred.


You'll need to re-grant Alfred the appropriate Accessibility permissions as outlined here:


If it's already checked, remove Alfred fully (using the minus button) and re-add Alfred to the Accessibility permissions. Sometimes, macOS loses resolution of permissions, so the above should solve it :)



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