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Clipboard interfering with Snippets

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The problem is that Alfred is restoring the previous clipboard contents before the app you're using snippets in has pasted the snippet from the clipboard.

In the settings for snippets change the "restore clipboard" delay to something longer until the problem no longer occurs. 

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29 minutes ago, Maliman said:

In Libre Office


Right. The problem isn't that LibreOffice is pasting after Alfred has restored the previous clipboard (you don't even have that turned on). It simply isn't noticing that the clipboard has changed to begin with.


This is a known problem with non-native applications, especially Java ones. They sometimes use their own clipboards that they kinda-sorta keep in sync with the system one.


There isn't a whole lot Alfred can do if LibreOffice doesn't make sure its clipboard is synced up with the system one before pasting data from it.

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