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Clipboard History Feature: why no formatted text (rich text)?

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Looong time observer, recent user, and first time poster.  I've always known about Alfred and wanted to use it but for some reason didn't download it until last month.  Naturally, I'm now addicted and love it... and working on optimizations for my setup.


My question:

how come the Clipboard History feature only saves the plain text version of my text? It does not save the formatted version (the rich text that includes bold, italics, font size, etc). For example, 


Here is some formatted text as bold and another as cross through. Now follow these steps to reproduce the issue:

  • Copy the line above, along with these bullets
  • Then copy some other random text from another source
  • Now paste this text (⌘3 for me) somewhere


Do you notice how there is no more bold, or cross through, or bullets in your pasted text? ... BUT if you do a simple copy/paste, then it works that way.


It would be nice to maintain the rich text on paste so that I can paste a bunch of formatting.







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1 hour ago, null said:

how come the Clipboard History feature only saves the plain text version of my text?

It's a deliberate design choice. Applications tend to put multiple representations of the same data on the clipboard. Alfred deliberately only remembers one of them to save space. In the case of images, it'll keep the TIF representation, and for text, the plaintext representation.

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I'm and avid Alfred user. I love the ability to do 99% of what I need through Alfred commands that can be habituated into muscle memory.


Once I discovered clipboard history, I couldn't live without it. But this (the lack of rich text support in Alfred's clipboard history) is a show stopper for me, making Alfred's clipboard history useless.


As things stand, I've got Aflred's clipboard history disabled and pay for LaunchBar solely for its clipboard history, which supports rich text.


Unfortunately, while I had created workflows to manipulate Alfred's clipboard history through its sqlite database (e.g., delete all entries for a specific app), LaunchBar is a black box with a very limited API that doesn't include access to the clipboard history.


I love Alfred and look forward to no longer having to use another app for clipboard history when Alfred 5 add's rich text to its clipboard history. 😉

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