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Google Drive — List File Stream contents from Google Drive not working

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I tried everything and there is no way to make Google Drive  List File Stream contents from Google Drive operational. I Don't know what i'm doing wrong...


a) I have a mac with Big Sur

b) I installed Alfred 4 and updated

c) I installed workflow Google Drive 2021.3

d) I did all steps in "about workflow": 

Call `gd` and type to list and filter the contents of your Google Drive.

Before your first use, you will have to either run `:gdrebuildcache` or `:gdlaunchd`. The former builds a cache of your files on demand; the latter uses a macOS launchd agent to rebuild it every day (run `:gdlaunchd` again to uninstall it).

e) google_drive_path has path value: /Volumes/GoogleDrive/

f) i have two Google Drives accounts


Captura de ecrã 2021-10-15, às 18.56.54.jpg

Captura de ecrã 2021-10-15, às 18.57.02.jpg

Captura de ecrã 2021-10-15, às 18.57.27.jpg

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7 hours ago, gic said:

I tried everything and there is no way to make Google Drive


Please try searching the forum for an existing thread on the topic before creating a new one. There are already lots of threads all about Google Drive, why it doesn't work, how to make it work temporarily, and a workflow to search your Drive until Google finally fixes it properly.


I'm locking this thread, as there are already half a dozen Google Drive threads.

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That’s not an explanation of your steps. You copied the instructions and said “I did this”. Those don’t make sense. Be specific. You haven’t even followed the post I mentioned and didn’t post the debugger output.

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