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Switch Between audio input and output

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I like the workflow, thanks for posting. It would be really nice to modify it to automatically select the input I care about, rather than being forced to select. For alfred remote users, this would be a great benefit (we're trying to do away with keyboards and mice).  If I run the workflow from my remote, I'm trapped because I need to switch to a different app to make the selection.  Regardless, it is much sexier to have it complete the task as desired.


Obviously I would need to set the name of the audio output by modifying the workflow, but once I have set it and save as a new workflow I'm done.  I would create as many modified workflows as output sources I care about, and now I just press a button on my remote to switch between them.

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I'm trying to use this workflow on OS X 10.11 El Capitan Golden Master Candidate, and unfortunately it's not working. 

when pulling up alfred, typing in "output", it tries to list all of my devices, but only lists internal speakers. i have bluetooth connected to other speakers right now, but nothing else comes up. can you help? not sure if same for input, only one input device so hard to test

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Thx This is a great workflow and a must have for a true Audiophile.  I literally have 9 output Audio sources, 2 Airport Expresses, 3 ATV, Marantz Preamp, and 3 sources off my computer one being a Digital Output to an Amp driving my Sennheiser Headphones.  .  I need to dissect it since I have not done much with script filter and see if I can port my simple workflow for changing iTunes Equalizer presets to a script filter.

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Thank you for this great workflow!


It's the best among the numerous audio source switching workflows I've tested.


One caveat: sometimes it fails to catch some or all of the audio devices (if there's only partial catching of audio devices, the AirPods are the ones to be omitted, usually), so a makeshift solution I have is to "reload/refresh" the workflow by erasing one letter (pressing ⌫ once, resulting in "outpu"), and then typing "t" again. The full list of devices is then always retreived.


Thank you!

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