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How to Find file most recently added to Finder

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I'd like a workflow or feature that allows me to hotkey or search for the most recent file added to Finder.


Often I download things to a variety of locations and would then like to jump to that folder easily, either to rename or move the file.

I notice on finder, brand new files don't always show at the top of the list of Date Added if the are very new.



Is there a way to seearch for these files in Alfred?


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25 minutes ago, iJemz said:

Is there a way to seearch for these files in Alfred?


Maybe. It depends on your exact needs. There’s a Workflow which gets you close but the results aren’t the same as what you get from the Finder’s Recents.

I have on and off searched online and tried to recreate the Spotlight (mdfind) commands which would return the same results but never got to the 100% solution.

But you may find that “close” is enough for you or perhaps better if it fixes the Finder annoyance you mention. Give the Workflow a try and see.

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1 hour ago, deanishe said:


Search for Finder in Alfred, then use the Recent Documents… Universal Action on it.

Great tip - I didn't know I could do that. Doesn't quite work the way I hoped (I just see folders) but will be useful in future no doubt.

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