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Utilize "tags" notes feature of Mac OS Monterey

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Feature request:

Now that Monterey is released, wanted to check if the workflow can be modified to utilize new features of Monterey (i.e., tags).


This workflow must accept the "tag name" as the input, Alfred should then display all the other tags under this tag, which can be used to narrow down to the document right from the Alfred search bar.

Example. If I have 100 notes with the tags

  1. #kubernetes #setup #howto
  2. #kubernetes #reference #kubectl
  3. #kubernetes #istio #overview
  4. #kubernetes #core #overview
  5. #Java #setup #howto

Then the workflow can accept the input - if the user types "Kubernetes", then the user can further drill down from the list of items in Alfred (i.e., setup, howto, overview, Istio, core, Kubectl).

if the user types "overview" after "kubernetes" (i.e., kubernetes overview), then the Alfred search bar can display "Istio and core" as options.

This will be very useful to narrow down to the document right from the search bar.

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the nt keyword in notes does tag based search already. 


For example, if if there are 10 notes and has the following tags "kubernetes", "reference", "Kubectl", 

when I enter "kubernetes" , it then displays all the notes in the tag "kubernetes". It also can display only 10 records due to space constraint. It will be difficult for user to remember all the tags under the main tag "kubernetes". 


The only difference when compared with nt tag is the user has to remember all the tags, whereas this feature will let the user choose the tags possible based on what the user entered as first input. 


User input:

1. kubernetes - > Alfred shows list of possible tags "reference" "Kubectl" "setup" "howto" "core" "overview" (It should not show other tags. 

2. overview -> Alfred can only show "Istio" and "core" 

3. istio -> Alfred shows all notes for the selected tags.


Downside is "user will be forced to choose all the tags possible before he sees list of notes". 

(or) it can be a clone of nt keyword and can still display the list of notes, but display all possible tags somehow in the top for the user to know what tags are available. 


The Mac notes app "tag browser" does not drill down, it always shows the same set of tags irrespective of what we choose, which might become clumsy and difficult to choose tags (particularly when no. of tags are more). 


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