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How can I create a keyword workflow to calculate GST?

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I'd love to create a workflow that lets me type in "gst 1000" and have the result become "1150".


In my local jurisdiction goods and services tax is 15% on top of the product price. I think if somebody can give me a simple workflow for this then I can tinker with it for the other options around GST inclusive / exclusive. Thanks

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Thanks @vitor I've added an almost identical script filter so that I can use "gst" as a keyword for either inclusive or exclusive. I've already learnt quite a bit about how each part of the workflow contributes to the outcome thanks to your solution which is relevant to my tasks. (Among other things) I didn't understand how to set the prompt text for each result until now so I'm very happy with this.

CleanShot 2021-11-01 at 13.04.55.png


Hmm. It occurs to me that this is integer values, not float / double. I'll investigate further

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