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SideNotes Workflow: take quick notes on your screen side

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I've made a workflow for SideNotes app. I'm the developer of this app, so it's the official workflow.



SideNotes is an app that keeps your notes on the side of the screen. Appears when you click a little bar or move your cursor to the screen side. It provides themes, markdown formatting, tasks, pictures, file shortcuts, iCloud synchronisation between computers and more.




With this workflow you can quickly take notes, search for them, use your notes as snippets, create folders etc. 


All information about the app you will find on its website: https://www.apptorium.com/sidenotes
You can get the workflow on its GitHub page: https://github.com/Apptorium/alfred-sidenotes

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5 minutes ago, vitor said:

Oh, hey, this an official Workflow? You’re the app’s developer? You should consider mentioning it in the post—it may be an incentive to check it and increases trust on the result, especially since you’re a new user to the forum.

Speaking of which, welcome!


Yes, that's an official workflow and I'm the developer. I've just edited the post and mentioned that.


Thanks for your suggestion and hello to you, too :)

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