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Help needed for: Alfred + Dictionary + Anki

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I am looking for someone who could eventually help me to create a workflow to make my language learning process much easier. What I want is a fusion product between 2 Workflows already existing  " Linguee.de" and "Anki by bikenik". It should automatically add the word searched from the dictionary to the Anki Deck for the Language. 

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On 11/6/2021 at 12:22 AM, deanishe said:


Do you have links to the workflows?

1. Linguee - alexander-heimbuch/linguee-alfred-workflow: Dictionary workflow for Alfred based on linguee.de (github.com)

2. Anki -  bikenik/alfred-anki: Create New Cards into any decks with any "Note Type". (github.com)


I want to mention that I am totally fine with ANY dictionary Workflow.  I just like the Linguee Workflow, as it is very easy to use. What I want from the Workflow is something like:



1. " de Butterfly " 

2. Select Command+1 for the translation to be stored in the Anki Deck "English- Deutsch"


In Anki it should be stored like:

Q: Butterfly 

A: Schmetterling, Falter, Tagfalter



My goal is to store every Word I look up for along with its translation in the Anki Deck to revise at a later point

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It looks like the Anki workflow has an External Trigger you can call to add a card, which is ideal.


You'll have to edit the Linguee workflow to format its output in a way acceptable to the Anki workflow, and to wire them up. If you know Go, you could build a custom version of the binary, otherwise you could write a wrapper script that tweaks the JSON returned by the current binary.


That should be doable. I can't test it out myself because I don't have Anki and an online Anki account.

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