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Using a different script editor

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I am a diehard user of the "vi editor". I would like to use this editor to edit scripts directly (and not within the Alfred script window). I thought I might be able to stick with the"vi editor" if I were to use "External script". I attempted this but ran into problems.


Reading the forum post below however, it doesn't look like this is possible (because of single arguments and whitespace etc - see the very last post). What I am doing at present is copying and pasting from Alfred to the "vi editor" and vice versa. There is also the option of editing the info.plist file directly - but I think that is a little too dangerous really.




Thanks for your help.



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1 hour ago, johnhamill said:

it doesn't look like this is possible


Either you've misread the post or you'll need to explain precisely what you think the issue is. External Script is the preferred way to include scripts in workflows. They work just fine for everybody else.


The information in that post is also somewhat out of date because more Alfred elements do now pass multiple arguments (though the user's search query naturally remains a single argument).

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7 hours ago, johnhamill said:

I attempted this but ran into problems.

What, specifically? From your description you seem to be doing it correctly (assuming you remembered to make the script executable and have it in the correct directory), so you’ll need to expand on what the issue was so we’re able to diagnose and help.

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Mac OSx 11.3

Alfred 4.6 (1266)


The error I receive is a Posix spawn error (relevant screenshot enclosed). I enclose a screenshot of the permissions I have set. I have set them  to superuser/owner (rws). rwx permissions should be adequate, but I decided to run it as superuser (just in case).


I have also checked the permissions on the recursive directories down to the workflow itself (all 'rwx' for the owner 'johnhamill'). The permissions on directory of the workflow itself also seem fine (screenshot enclosed).


The script runs successfully when NOT used in an external script. 


Workflow and screenshot link:




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