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Is there a way can fuzzy search the existing workflow in your alfred by name or keyword.

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hi everyone:

Alfred supports precise search by keyword, but I have a lot of workflows, and sometimes I will forget the keyword of my workflow. I want to be able to fuzzy search for alfred workflows by name and keywords. Just like searching for snippet use "viewer hotkey".


Now I have to "alfred preferences => workflow => filter text box"  the process is  little bit of trouble....


Is there a way can fuzzy search the existing workflow in Alfred by name or keyword  through viewer hotkey ?

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On 11/16/2021 at 6:53 PM, vitor said:

There may be a performance reason why ? and Search Preferences don’t work like that.

I suspect it's so large collections of snippets don't overwhelm other results.


In terms of performance, I'm sure Alfred could easily handle full fuzzy search on many tens of thousands of items.


20K is no problem with my Go library, and that's doing much more work than Alfred's matching algos.

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Just did a few more tests and the Workflow’s Filter box doesn’t fuzzy search either, it’s just so good at focusing on what you want (or what I’m testing) that it seems like it. It will filter as you type, but if it stops finding matches you will still be on the last one it found, which is different from using ? (and it makes sense).


This might make more sense as a Workflow than a feature request.

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6 hours ago, vitor said:

This might make more sense as a Workflow than a feature request.


I think this is a poor fit for a workflow, tbh. It’s a hell of a job trying to decipher all the info.plists in your prefs bundle (work out all the Hotkey modifiers etc.) and impossible to navigate Alfred Preferences from a workflow the way ? does.


Depends how you look at it, I suppose. As a tool for navigating rapidly to a workflow in Alfred Preferences, ? would benefit from the kind of fuzzy matching Alfred supports for applications in its main search. If it's supposed to be a source of information for help purposes, it would be better served with more and better metadata than looser matching, imo.


For example, I tried to find the Hotkey I’d set up to open the current selection in Dropover yesterday. I ended up grepping my prefs bundle because Open URL/File are completely opaque to ? and the only element-specific search terms Alfred recognises for a Hotkey Trigger are “hotkey” and “trigger”.


Why can't I find Hotkeys (or Open URL/File) elements based on the applications they're assigned to? Or their notes, seeing as they can't have any other unique text?


My personal preference would be to put snippets behind a separate keyword (e.g. ?snip), so they don’t overwhelm other results, and to use much richer metadata for searching. SQLite fulltext search seems a natural fit. Then you can bung absolutely everything in there (notes, workflow descriptions etc.) as long as you assign appropriately low priority.

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