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Hope full name can be displayed when one is selected in the snippet window.


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Hi Guys:

This is my alfred sinppet search window , the left side of the window is the name of snippet, the right side of the window is the sinippet conent and the key word.

because my snippet name is too long, and when I forgot the keyword of snippet, I mainly search by snippet name. 

When a certain one is selected, the hidden name is not prompted and the window size cannot be adjusted...

Can the full name be displayed when one is selected?




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@vitor my sinppet is large because these correspond to some very long SQL statements.    I have set up a lot of snippets for operating the azkaban database. In the snippet name text, I have already set 'azkaban' as earlier character.  

I mainly want to display the full snippet name in the snippet search window panel.



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