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Text Expansion: Associate More than 1 Snippet w/Same Keyword?


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Possible to associate more than one snippet with the same keyword?  This is possible in aText, and I find it very useful:

  • In aText all my email addresses are associated with the same keyword (;;em)
  • Then, when I type the keyword, I am presented with a menu/dialog with all the email addresses
  • Much easier than having to create/remember a unique keyword for each email address

I have not found a way to do the same in Alfred—or have I missed something?


Many thanks!


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This is a perfect job for a Workflow with a Snippet Trigger.


Screenshot 2021-11-18 at 11.47.15.png


Set the List Filter to "Argument Optional" and add in all the snippets as list items. The arg for each list item will be the snippet content. Set the Copy to Clipboard to "Automatically Paste".


When you type the snippet keyword, Alfred will automatically popup with a search box for the snippets you set in your List Filter.




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Hi there!


I tried this today, and it seems like Alfred has got some problems replacing the trigger snippet (e.g. "'\\mysnippettobereplaced") with whatever I pick from the (filter) list. This can easily be reproduced with the built-in "Getting Started > Snippets Trigger" workflow - see e.g. the \\thanksmsg snippet. Typing the snippet string in question does indeed bring up the list filter, but Alfred doesn't manage to successfully replace the full snippet itself when it pastes whatever is selected in the list.


Expected: Type \\thanksmsg in e.g. TextEdit.app, and Alfred shows the list. Select something from the list, and the snippet in TextEdit.app is replaced with whatever I picked from the list.

Actual: I end up with something like "\\thanksmThat's fantastic! ..." in TextEdit


This is on macOS Ventura, 13.0.1 (22A400).


Anyone else or just me? :)

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