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Is is possible open "Web Search" in the browser you are currently in, not default?


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Hi Guys,


Quick question. I am jump between a couple of browsers when I am working and trading...for various reasons like privacy etc 


Is there anyway of changing the setting on "Web Search" to open in the browser that I am currently in, rather than the default.


Currently, I will be working in on browser, do a Alfred web search, and it bounces me into the default browser. I could not work out a workround.


Any tips would be appreciated!

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2 hours ago, TommyBeagle said:

I take it there are no setting or workflows that could achieve this?


A workflow could do it. A workflow can open URLs any way it wants. It can't change the way Alfred or other workflows handle them, though. Similarly, Alfred can't alter the way workflows open URLs if they don't use its Open URL action (which many don't).


I very much doubt that the Alfred team would consider implementing a feature like this. Fundamentally, it makes more sense living in a separate application (like Choosy), so you can have your custom URL handling system-wide, not just in Alfred.

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