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Can I use an enclosing folder in file filter?


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I wonder if I can use an enclosing folder to reduce the number of matches when a workflow uses a file filter. Say, some workflow gets the folder name using a file filter and then open it with some specific application. If I want to open a folder with common name, say "src", it is not possible to specify what I want as almost every folder contains such a subfolder. However, it can be easily narrowed for example if I want to open "~/Downloads/src", in which case I may want to simply type "Downloads/src" to specify it. Is it possible?

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Look at the "Dynamic File Search" example workflow built into Alfred Preferences. That's the native way to narrow your search.


The other approach is to write a workflow that understands it’s looking for directories with a subdirectory named src.


As an example, here's my workflow for working with git repos. It finds directories that contain a .git subdirectory.

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