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Truecrypt: Mount and dismount volumes


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hi !


I tried, but It didn't mount or show anything to enter the password. 


I made this on the script : open -a /Applications/TrueCrypt.app/Contents/MacOS/TrueCrypt ~/dev/rdisk1s1


is it wrong ?


Thanks for your help


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Hey Julien! Adding ~ really means  /Users/YourUserName/dev/rdisk1s1


And, for doing that you need to add sudo. Try this:  sudo open -a /Applications/TrueCrypt.app/Contents/MacOS/TrueCrypt /dev/rdisk1s1


For others: I have updated «Mount Volume» to be more dynamic. Now you can write tcmount nameToFile, and then mount it.



Happy mounting!




I have merged both workflows into one. See github for details :)

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Hi Kim, thanks for posting such a useful workflow. I'm a rookie tho and cant seem to get it to work even reading the comments below; can you spell out how to modify the mount script?


I want to be able to put a USB key into my computer and then bring up alfred and type 'mo' and have it automount a specific TCcontainer file called TCUSBon the USB key.


I've tried modifying the script to;

sudo open -a /Applications/TrueCrypt.app/Contents/MacOS/TrueCrypt /Volumes/USB/TCUSB /dev/rdisk1s1


but cant get it to work?


tx a lot


PS great place Trondheim!

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